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From trash day to parking during it a snow storm.  Here’s some helpful tips and information to keep you up to speed!

Trash Day Etiquette

It’s the most wonderful day of the week! (Sung to the tune It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year.) Trash pick up dos+ don’ts and more!  Check out our Trash Day Etiquette here! 

Tips on Being a Better Dog Owner

If you live in Southie then you know that our neighborhood is dog central.  Seems like everyone has dog. Sometimes on a Sunday there are more dogs up at M Street Park than millennials at brunch at Lincoln. In other words, there are a lot of dogs in the neighborhood.  As a dog owner, we all like to think we are responsible but judging by the amount of poop bags left on the sidewalk, we are not.  So we thought we’d offer some tips to help us all become better dog owners. Check them out here! 

Late Night Etiquette

After a night out on the town, just a gentle reminder that Southie is in fact a neighborhood and that you should act with consideration and respect – especially late at night.

Many neighbors have taken to social media to complain about the late night behavior in South Boston. Fist fighting, yelling + screaming, stealing + smashing pumpkins, drunk people walking into the wrong home, public urination etc. are all some of the complaints circulating. Check out our late night etiquette here! 

Unofficial Rules for Saving a Spot After a Snowstorm

Soon winter will be upon us and we’d like to take a moment and review the time honored Boston tradition of saving parking spots during a snowstorm. Check out our rules here! 

Snow Shoveling Etiquette

Are you annoyed by the winter habits of your neighbors?  Do you have a neighbor that abuses his/her parking space saver privilege, or are they a spot stealer, a non-shoveler or someone who abandons their car in the winter?  As you know, we all live in a town known for its tight-knit community and we should strive to get along with our neighbors.  You might have experienced some inconsiderate and maybe even some downright rude behavior during the winter – so we at Caught in Southie would like to help you out and offer some etiquette when it comes to shoveling. Check out our reminders here. 

Beware of Package Bandits – Some helpful Tips

‘Tis the season for lots of packages getting stolen from stoops and doorways in South Boston.  Evidently, suspects follow the delivery trucks and then swipe the packages when the coast is clear.  So be aware. Check out BPD’s tips here! 



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  1. Patty Flaherty October 27, 2022 at 2:50 pm - Reply

    The problem up metal of honor park is the dogs. Go up there and day around 5 and there r at least 20-30 dogs running around off leash. I have called dog control and by the time they come , they r gone. There should b some kind of patrol set up . There is a dog park less than a half block away . The dogs r making a mess of this park and it’s very sad . That they are allowed to do this at a park with such meaning to a lot of family from south Boston. I would bet they don’t ever no why it’s called metal of honor b park in the first place .

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