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2020 was rough but we made it to 2021! So now what? We say take it slow and focus on one goal at a time. Baby steps, right? Whether you want to be healthier, less stressed, be more organized or volunteer in your neighborhood, let’s look at 2021 as a transitional year. Let’s go with the flow. This guide will offer advice, tips, workouts, trends, new things to try, how to support our local small businesses and more!

Every community has its own flavor and is strengthened by the people who call it home. Like the family down the street that just moved in, the neighbor next door who you run into at the coffee shop every Tuesday morning, or the small restaurant around the corner that makes the best pizza in town. Cobbles wants to redefine our community experience to help people go beyond their screens, connect with the people around them and rediscover what it means to be part of a real neighborhood again.

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Making history once again, The Mezz, a new luxury building features an ideal West Broadway location with sweeping views of the Seaport and the city. These spacious, modern residences embrace timeless, contemporary style and exceptional finishes, yet keep durability, energy efficiency and ease of maintenance in mind.

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