The New York Times recently announced its list of the 25 Best Restaurants in Boston (and Boston is used loosely as many of these restaurants are in Brookline, Cambridge and beyond)!  These two in the neighborhood were included!

Chuck an oyster shell in any direction in Boston and you’ll hit a seafood restaurant, from blue-collar fry houses to multistory harborfront properties. Row 34 (with four locations across Massachusetts and New Hampshire) serves the requisite clam chowder, halibut and calamari, but it takes a few extra steps in advancing the genre. It smokes, cures and pâtés a variety of seafoods, it makes saltine crackers in-house, and lobsters — caught by the chef Jeremy Sewall’s cousin and his son — land on plates within 48 hours of leaving the ocean. The resulting lobster rolls cost more here than at other restaurants, but they are superlative. KEVIN PANG

383 Congress Street (original Fort Point location), Boston; 617-553-5900;

Yume Ga Arukara makes just one thing and makes it well: udon, the thick Japanese wheat flour noodles. They’re extruded from the stainless steel machine in beautiful floured strands, and emerge smooth and slippery once boiled, with the barest suggestion of a chew. The purest expression of udon is in a dashi broth — here, your choices are hot or cold, spicy or not, each accompanied by fatty beef slices, scallions and crisp tempura bits. Take your pick, you can’t choose wrong. While its original location occupies a cramped and perpetually busy space inside a student center at the Lesley University Porter Square Campus, the new Seaport shop is a sit-down restaurant with a larger kitchen, which in time will offer a larger menu. KEVIN PANG

1815 Massachusetts Avenue, Cambridge; 70 Pier 4 Boulevard, Suite 260, Boston;

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