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Guide to St. Patrick’s Day in South Boston

It’s our pleasure to bring you all that is hip and happening this St. Patrick’s season leading up to St. Patrick’s Day weekend!  We’ll give you suggestions on where to watch the parade, tips on entertaining, where to eat corned beef and cabbage, where to catch some live Irish music, which bars to go to, and so much more.  This guide will be updated weekly, so keep checking for new scoop.

This isn’t your ordinary guide to St. Patrick’s Day – it’s the Ultimate Guide to St. Patrick’s Day in Southie and St. Patrick’s Day in Southie is not something you want to miss! The parade is on Sunday, March 17th, at 1pm.  REMINDER: Liquor Stores will close at 4pm on Sunday, March 17th. All Bars + Restaurants in South Boston will close doors between 6-6:30pm and need to clear out by 7:30pm on Sunday, March 17th.

2024 Parade Route

Let's go! The South Boston St. Patrick’s Day/Evacuation Day Parade takes place on Sunday, March 17th at 1pm! Broadway Station marks the start of the parade. Follow West Broadway to [...]

House Party PSA

Don't act like a jabroni! Here is a public service announcement from the Boston police department - South Boston station C6. It includes tips like how to recognize when your [...]

Cure for a Hangover

Most likely you’ll wake-up sometime this month hung-over from partaking too much in Irish Pride celebration. It’s sort of the inevitable. The combination of consuming too much alcohol and not [...]

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