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If you live in Southie then you know that our neighborhood is dog central.  Seems like everyone has dog. Sometimes on a Sunday there are more dogs up at M Street Park than millennials at brunch at Lincoln. In other words, there are a lot of dogs in the neighborhood.  As a dog owner, we all like to think we are responsible but judging by the amount of poop bags left on the sidewalk, we are not.  So we thought we’d offer some tips to help us all become better dog owners.

Pick up your poop

Peter Gailunas has written several blogs about the importance of picking up poop.  Bottom line – just pick up your dog’s poop.

Throw the poop bag away

You’ve done the hard part.  You’ve picked up a steaming pile of dog shit with a bag.  Now throw the bag in the trash (and your own trash barrel not a neighbors trash barrel). Don’t place it next to a tree or on the sidewalk or in the gutter.  Put it in the garbage.  The bags of poop aren’t going to miraculously disappear.  They will sit where you left them until a concerned and upstanding citizen picks them up and puts them in the trash.  Don’t be a jerk.  Throw your poop bags away.

Don’t let your dog “go” on people’s property

Don’t let your dog pee or poop on people’s stoops.  There’s dog in my neighborhood that pees on my pots of flowers on my stoop at least twice a week. Who is letting their dog do that?  How rude.  One CIS reader shared a photo with us of a giant pile of dog shit on their stoop.  Honestly?  Who let’s their dog do this and then just leave it?  Come on! 

Stay off of fields where kids play

There are plenty of parks and green space to let your dogs go. No reason to let your dogs go on baseball, soccer and football fields where kids are rolling around.  Common sense.  This has become an issue in Swampscott that people refer to the irresponsible dog owners as the “dog mafia.”  True Story Alert: In Southie, during a Little League game, a woman was walking her dog in the field…..the outfield.  She complained to the coach when a ball landed near her dog.  “Lady, this is a baseball field,” said the coach.  “Well, this is where my dog likes to go,” responded the lady.  SMH. 

Keep your dog on a leash

We know dogs love to run around off leash but if you’re at a park with people around keep them on a leash.  Not everyone loves dogs.  Especially ones running around with no owner in site.  Southie has a few dog parks. Dog parks are perfect parks to let them off leash.  

Don’t leave your dog in a car

Drop your dog at home before you go to the supermarket.  They don’t want to wait in a car while you do your food shopping.  

Don’t bring your dog with you

Dogs don’t belong in Starbucks or Walgreens.  Unless your dog is a service dog, leave your dog at home. 

We all live in this neighborhood together.  Be respectful of your neighbors and use common sense.  That is all!

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  1. Susan Gailunas February 10, 2022 at 10:08 pm - Reply

    Why do people think it’s okay to leave a load of dog poop in a snow bank? When that snow melts, the poop doesn’t melt with it. It’s disgusting and a health hazard. Don’t have a dog if you’re not willing to pick up their poop. PLEASE.

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