When it comes to the 311 app, South Boston does not disappoint.  In celebration of National 311 Day, we’re sharing some of our favorite posts from the City of Boston app.

Those Annoying Church Bells – yes, a neighborhood had a big problem with the chiming church bells of Gate of Heaven. You can read about it here.

Kids vs. Dogs at Medal of Honor Park– this battle rears its ugly head at least a half-dozen times a year. 

Dildos, gimp suits and day-drinking that leads to non-stop screaming of songs- 311 was busy and bizarre

Southie is Fed Up with its Neighbors – after one particular crazy annoying weekend, residents rushed to the 311 app to vent. Read about it here.

Animal hoof on Old Colony Ave – so many questions about this one. 

Dong on a street sign ushers in the new year – self-explanatory, right? Take a look.

Southie Coyote Acting Like a Coyote – local celebrity, affectionately named “Moakley” due to his/her love of the park he/she loves to hang out at, was acting like a coyote so someone ratted him/her out. 

Sidewalk Chalk reported as a Graffiti  – this report has deeper meaning – we don’t think it was necessarily the sidewalk chalk itself but more the message….

Naked Guy in the Window – Letting IT all hang out! 

Southie needs a Goose Crossing – yes, this is exactly what the neighborhood needs.  Read the request here. 

Southie, keep being you!  Which 311 Report is your favorite?


  1. Kevin Conroy March 12, 2022 at 7:10 am - Reply

    I love 311! (smirk)

  2. Sean B. March 26, 2022 at 11:20 am - Reply

    The geese are out of control. Need more coyotes.

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