Universal Hub is reporting that a South Boston resident filed a 311 report for a “massive cock” suctioned cupped to a sign at H and Emerson.  Well, hello!

Happy New Year – just like spotting a snowy owl on New Year’s Day – we take a massive cock stuck to a street sign that 2021 is gonna be a great year!

As of Tuesday afternoon, “it” is now on the sidewalk.

This was shared with us by a CIS reader! Enjoy!

Top ten things overheard about the Southie dong…

10.  “As if Southie road signs weren’t confusing enough.”

9.   “That reminds me, when does Sullivan’s reopen?”

8.  “It’s bad enough people don’t pick up after their dogs…”

7.  “Anyone else have a hankering for the kielbasa at the Lith Club?”

6.  “The new 2021 magnets are in.”

5.  “This Ding Dong Ditch has been taken to the next level”

4.  “The new BTD pilot program to draw attention to traffic signs seems to be working.”

3.  “Wait until Valentines Day, it’ll be raining dongs on Broadway.”

2.  “Usually when I call 311 it’s about a prick inside a car…”

And the number one thing overhead about the Southie dong…

1.  “This could be the perfect space saver.”

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