Snowy Owl: Caught in Southie

Local photographer Mucka Finyfardi spotted this snowy owl just hanging out in a tree on Sunday morning at Castle Island and shared his photos on Facebook.  Snowy owls are no strangers to Southie, we reported back in 2017 one perched on the playground behind the L Street Bathhouse.

So what the heck is a snowy owl doing in the city? Well, according to the National Audubon Society, of the 30-plus species of owls in North America, several have learned to thrive in urban spaces. The snowy owl will haunt flat, tundra-like places that mimic their typical northern hunting grounds. Airport tarmacs and beaches are spots you might find them.  They are almost always found during the winter especially when there is snow on the ground.  So be on the lookout! 

Southie has lots of wildlife these days! We’ve got coyotesdeer, skunks, mola mola sunfishwhalesbald eaglesturkeys bunniesgroundhogs and even a groundhog!  

Did you know?

Logan Airport has the largest known concentration of snowy owls in the Northeast?  No wonder why they’re spotted at Castle Island often!  

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