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Here are some amazing photos captured in the Andrew Square neighborhood by CIS reader Greg of the Southie Cooper’s Hawk.


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Everyone wants to live in Southie!  Even wildlife.  We’ve got coyotesdeer, skunks, bunnies, mola mola sunfishwhalesbald eaglesturkeysswans and this hawk was spotted on Wednesday along Day Blvd.

Being an avid bird watcher, I did a little google search on this hawk.  It’s a Cooper’s Hawk and according to Audubon Field Guide, it’s a medium-sized hawk of the woodlands that feeds mostly on birds and small mammals. “It hunts by stealth, approaching its prey through dense cover and then pouncing with a rapid, powerful flight.”

Is it strange to see a Cooper’s Hawk in the city? Well, according to All About Birds website, raptors—especially Cooper’s Hawks – have become a familiar presence in urban areas.  But it wasn’t always the case.  Scientists believe they come to cities because there is enough prey for them in the area.

In other bird watching news, I saw a raven on M Street earlier this week.  I’ve never seen a raven before in real life.  At first I thought it was a hawk by its flight pattern but then when it landed on a ledge of house, I saw that it was a giant black bird with a long black bill.  It was way bigger than a crow – it was like the size of large seagull.  So I googled it and it was in fact a raven. 

Of course, I was freaked out to see a raven thinking it was symbol of death but it is, in fact, a good sign to see a raven. This is from Spirit Animal.com:

“The Raven totem is the keeper of synchronicity. He is a master of bending and folding time and space. Therefore, you are precisely at the right moment at the right time. When you see this corvid on the lamp posts and buildings watching you, know that all things are falling into place for you. Hence, make sure you pay close attention to the people you meet for the next few hours. The Raven symbolism may be there to help you on your journey, provide insight, knowledge, and guidance. There is also an element of reflection with Raven’s meaning. Consequently, this bird is reminding you that the people around you are reflecting at you the things you most have to learn about yourself.” 


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  1. Mark December 6, 2022 at 12:50 am - Reply

    It is a juvenile red-tailed hawk.

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