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We’ve seen the #7 bus line at the L + Broadway over and over again.  So much so, some of you are sick of me posting about it.  Well, on Wednesday morning there was a line not only at L + Broadway, but there was an additional line at the N Street bus stop – about 35-50 people waiting to jam themselves onto the #7 bus downtown.

Believe it or not, this line has perfect timing. Because on Wednesday evening, the MBTA will host a virtual public meeting to discuss the Bus Network Redesign Program.

Will there be immediate changes to the “bus situation” in Southie? No, of course not.  The MBTA is struggling.  There is a severe staffing shortage, and evidently, we need more bus drivers and obviously buses running during morning rush hour.  So if you take the bus, we encourage you to be a part of this meeting tonight.


For several years (yes, years), South Boston residents have been asking for a solution to our bus “situation.”  With lots more development on the rise, plus more people moving into the neighborhood, thanks to the creation of new office buildings in the Seaport, what’s a neighborhood to do? Evidently, get in line and wait for the next bus you can board.

There have been numerous MBTA bus meetings and statements from local politicians over the past several yes but there doesn’t seem to be a solution on the horizon.  Could an express #7 help? Senator Nick Collins thinks so.  A dedicated express bus/bike lane on L/Summer Street has also been thrown out there as a potential solution.

 The Better Bus Program was announced by the MBTA over a year ago – ironically the #7 was not even included the system-wide bus planning initiative. 

Back in May, officials from the MassDOT and the MBTA launched the MBTA’s new draft network map as part of Bus Network Redesign.  It was revealed that there would be some changes to the #7, #10 and #11. And the neighborhood went nuts.

The neighborhood deserves a better bus system and we need it like yesterday. Enough is enough!


  1. Kevin B Conroy November 2, 2022 at 3:35 pm - Reply

    Nothing has changed. Maybe there should be another meeting.

  2. At Some Point, Someone… November 3, 2022 at 4:10 pm - Reply

    …”ANYONE” …in a position to do so, needs to call out the Teenager-In-Chief at City Hall as to why she refuses to advocate for “certain “ neighborhoods with a (predominantly )“certain” demographic. Charlestown, Southie, the North send…are ya seeing it yet, people? Again, “uncomfortable conversation” for some (not I), but, as stated here, “enough is enough”.
    And please don’t tell me about the “T” not being a City agency, ok? She got free rides for some (and not “others”) and she got entire lines closed down FOR OVER A MONTH (with ABSOLUTELY NO RESULTANT IMPROVEMENT) for God-only-knows-why …or even “how”, (some well-placed threats, I’m thinking) so…just don’t.

    • Abe November 3, 2022 at 10:24 pm - Reply

      If we want change in service in T service Sen Ollie’s and Rep Biele need to step up the pressure on the T. Letter to the T aren’t cutting it. Set a unfunded earmark in the next budget or transportation bill stating the T must increase bus capacity on the 7 line.

  3. Koz November 4, 2022 at 7:03 am - Reply

    Tuesday is Election Day. While Southie elected officials go once again unopposed, Blanking the ballot sends them a message. Newcomers don’t vote in local elections so their voice is ignored. Mayor Wu soundly defeated Essabi George but only 23% of registered voters actually voted. The narrative that Wu has a voter mandate is a fallacy. Gov Baker is lame ducking his way out of office. The T belies his veneer of a competent technocrat. Baker had 8 years to fix the T & failed miserably. Distribution of public services based on some conjured up system of social justice is in motion. Just look at the city council redistricting . Time to flex your voting muscles!

  4. Linda Lynch November 4, 2022 at 12:56 pm - Reply

    From what I saw previously in the new route for #7 is that it is planning on City Point, through South Boston and into Charlestown and one other place before heading back to City Point. Now we are talking lots for traffic through the city, long delays, rather than it just being a South Boston bus. Not sure our state politicians can do much, it falls on our city politicians.

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