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If you live in this neighborhood, than it’s become abundantly clear that M Street Beach is THE place to be in the summertime.

This photo below was taken on June 5th during a heatwave. Nothing like being shoulder to shoulder with beachgoers during 90+ degree weather, right?

This angle is nothing compared to to the main photo taken by Michael Dwyer/Associated press used in a Wall Street Journal article about COVID-19 and health experts expecting local flare-ups (Special thank you to David H. for sharing with us!)

In the description of the photo in the WSJ, it describes the beach as a Massachusetts beach – but we know.  It’s M Street Beach. Six pack abs, red Solo cups, thongs-a-plenty, Day Blvd. in the background.  It’s M Street Beach alright.  It’s basically stock photography for a “beach you’d like to avoid” or “outdoor venue crowded beyond belief”.

Is this the first “national article” with M Street Beach included? According to a quick google search, yes it is.  But locally, M Street Beach has been the topic of lots and lots of news stories:

When M Street Beach was on the brink of becoming a thing in 2011. 

M Street Beach in the hot seat for beachgoers not adhering to COVID-19 Guidelines. 

What about the M Street Beach “Situation”? 

Topless at M Street Beach? Sure, why not?

Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous at M Street Beach

What about Floatella at M Street Beach?

The time two kayakers needed to be rescued from M Street Beach

The cleanest water in all of the land is at M Street Beach

And in the spirit of the Lawn on D, coming soon – The Beach on M.



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