October 24, 2022

Members of the Boston City Council – 

We are reaching out, in unity, to oppose any redistricting map that further separates the South Boston neighborhood.  Currently the Maryellen McCormack Housing Development and a portion of Andrew Square’s Polish Triangle is part of District 3.  

Proposed maps eliminate our BHA neighbors in Anne Lynch Homes at Old Colony – West 9th Street senior housing – West Broadway public housing, as well as the Andrew Square neighborhood.  They divide the South Boston community.  An interconnected, compassionate and caring community that works together to lift each other up.  

The optics of this decision would also set us back to the ills of the 1970’s as the majority of residents in these housing developments are people of color.   We consider our diverse demographics to be a strength, a source of pride and something redistricting should highlight and maintain.  The BHA and Andrew Square residents are part of the fabric of our community, and separating us would be a huge injustice for us all.  

On behalf of our community, in particular our residents in public housing, we ask that you do not divide us.


  Andrew Square Civic Association

  Cityside Neighborhood Association

  City Point Neighborhood Association

  Fort Point Neighborhood Association

  Gate of Heaven Neighborhood Association

  St. Vincent’s Lower End Neighborhood Association

  West Broadway Neighborhood Association

   cc:  Mayor Wu

         CC Redistricting

Here’s a recap from the Emergency Meeting held last week.

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  1. If A White City Councillor… October 25, 2022 at 1:05 am - Reply

    …proposed these obviously and abhorrently vile, racist changes they would be crucified in the media as well as in the court of public opinion.
    This is a repulsive plan meant only to widen the chasm of race relations, which is already a tinderbox. Any soulless ghoul (and they are indeed among us) who fans these flames of hatred and vitriol should be instantly removed from public office and incarcerated. But then that would be the polar opposite of their agenda, now wouldn’t it?

    My God what has become of my city……

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