The City of Boston, including BPD, hosted a press conference on Monday afternoon at police headquarters to discuss the St. Patrick’s Day Parade.  

According to the Boston Globe, Boston Police Commissioner Michael Cox stated that the city’s force “is prepared for almost anything.”

In past years, the parade has drawn close to a million parade revelers coming to the neighborhood to attend house parties, watch the parade and celebrate St. Pat’s at the local bars and restaurants. Sometimes things get out of hand where police need to get involved including incidents fist fights, public intoxication + urination and more. 

Cox also reminded everyone that the parde is a family-friendly event and warned that public drinking would not be tolerated.  He also urged the public to be aware of drinks beign spiked with drugs – a new and dangerous trend on the rise in the city.

REMINDER: Liquor Stores will close at 4pm on Sunday, March 19th. All Bars + Restaurants in South Boston will close doors between 6-6:30pm and need to clear out by 7:00pm on Sunday, March 19th.

For more helpful information visit our St. Patrick’s Day Guide here. 

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