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Looking around the neighborhood, you can see that Southie loves their dogs! Here’s our buddy Vito the Pug’s picks for doggie hot spots in South Boston. *

The Bark Park

This fenced in area across the street from Carson Beach near Day Blvd. and G Street is the perfect spot to let you dog mix and mingle with other dogs. They even have a Halloween costume party too! To learn more about The Bark Park you can visit here! 

Medal of Honor Park/M Street Park

This public park is usually filled with dogs and their owners in the morning and after work. It the perfect spot for both dogs and dog owners to socialize. Dogs must be on leash.

First Street Dog Park

This official dog park has plenty of space for dogs to mix and mingle off leash.  It’s fenced in with water bowls, some green space located on East First between L and Farragut Road.

Marine Park

This is a low key-off the radar spot for dogs. The open green space is perfect to walk your dog with views of Castle Island, Pleasure Bay and the Bandstand.  Dogs must be on leash.

Thomas Park/Dorchester Heights

This historic spot has breathtaking views of the city skyline. You can also learn a little history about the British being driven from this spot by the General George Washington and the Minute Men back in March of 1776. Dogs must be on leash.

Firehouse at K Street

Bring your four-legged friend by to visit the firefighters at K Street. They love the visitors and always have a bowl of water and treats at the ready. Make sure to ask for Peter Gailunas!

*There is a leash law in the City of Boston, so make sure to keep your pooch on leash. You can receive a ticket with a fine. And always pick up your poop! It’s just the right thing to do and keeps our neighborhood clean.


Got a dirty dog?  Well, B.Y.O.D. (Bring Your Own Dog) on East Broadway is the perfect spot to bring Fido for a little grooming, pampering and good old fashioned bathing.  If you’d like the LaundroMutt Special, they have more than enough sinks for you to wash big and small dogs alike.  The shampoo (Honey Almond, Wild Berry, Crystal Clean and Fresh Scent) is sweet smelling and just right to wash away the dirt and dust from the city streets. In addition, B.Y.O.D. also carries an impressive selection of dog accessories.  Sharp looking coats and cute and trendy sweaters for the fashion-forward doggy. There are leashes and matching collars to choose from.  And cozy comfy dog beds, plenty of fun toys, dog food, books and cards and grooming supplies too.  And don’t forget to stop by the Treat Bar!


Keep your dog healthy with a trip to the Bond Vet in the Seaport. The vets and friendly staff will make sure your pets are healthy and treat them with love and care.

Dog Paradise

Have you ever wondered what dog paradise would look like? Polkadog Bakery in Seaport is our best guess. Between the giant glass jars full of gourmet treats that line their countertops and the barrels that overflow with colorful chew toys, Polkadog Bakery is quite literally the physical manifestation of your dog’s dreams. Polkadog offers everything from dry food to winter jackets for both dogs and cats. Whether you take your fluffy friend along for the ride, or just bring some snacks home, you’re sure to be the best pet parent in the ‘Port if you stop at Polkadog. Visit Polkadog at 119 Seaport Blvd and learn more here. 

Dog Walker

Need someone to walk your dog? Give our friends at Dogs Barkin Southie! Their friendly, reliable service is second to none. Follow them on Instagram get a daily dose of cute from local Southie dogs!

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