No decks for you!

Not one, not two but three proposed projects with decks were rejected by the Zoning Board of Appeals on Tuesday.  According to Universal Hub, Jonathan Hueber, who owns the top floor at 38 P Street, proposed adding a roof deck. But elected officials, neighbors and the City Point Neighborhood Association all came out against it due to two years of loud parties on decks in the neighborhood.

A project at 390-396 West Second Street proposed building four roof decks and two headhouses with office spaces built on top of existing roof but it was denied too.  City Councilors Ed Flynn and Michael Flaherty and the St. Vinny’s Neighborhood Association voiced opposition.

Another proposal was also rejected by the ZBA. The owner of the triple decker at 353 East 8th St. wanted to extend the building in the back by adding more than 1000 square feet to include new decks and a living space in the basement. The proposed expansion was opposed by the mayor’s office and the offices of City Councilors Ed Flynn and Michael Flaherty due to the scale of the project – not necessarily the decks.

Other projects with decks have been rejected recently but those were for “problem properties” due to too many house parties.

Maybe these were preemptive rejections for potential problem properties?



  1. Souhtie November 17, 2021 at 12:19 pm - Reply

    So stupid…. you cant build a deck on your roof in the city where outdoor space is at a premium because of “loud parties”… the neighbors who complain about this should really get out of the city.

  2. VKropas November 18, 2021 at 3:19 pm - Reply

    Maybe you share hosting responsibilities with buddies in other towns? Go to their neighborhood. Might be more parking also.

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