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We have two supermarkets – Stop & Shop on East Broadway and Foodie’s on West Broadway.  You might notice that have a fresh new layer of asphalt in the parking lot.  That was a long time coming and you can learn the backstory here.

K&8th Market has everything from meat to produce to help you whip something up for supper!  They also have dessert and wine/beer – so it’s one stop shopping.

Down the lower end (west side) there’s Bell’s Market – 246 Dorchester Street.  Similar concept to K&8th – except the floor is covered in sawdust.

American Provision has great sandwiches, craft beer, natural wine, and they’ll whip you up a meat and cheese platter for you next mixer.

Drug Stores

We have Walgreens on East Broadway and CVS on West Broadway.  Both are shabbier, sadder, and poor man’s versions of the chain you’re probably familiar with.

Hardware Store

We have a True Value Hardware located in Southie on Dorchester St.

Take in the history

South Boston is alive with history.  Take a walk out Castle Island and check out Fort Independence.  While you’re out there stop by the legendary hot dot/burger stand Sullivan’s.  Here’s how to order.

Located at Thomas Park, you can visit the monument at Dorchester Heights and take in the history.  What’ the significance?  Well, it’s where General George Washington and the Patriots sent the British packing during the Revolutionary War on March 17th, 1776.

St. Patrick’s Day Parade

Speaking of March 17th…we have a huge parade to celebrate Evacuation Day/St. Patrick’s Day the Sunday closed to March 17th.  You can learn all about that here.

Street Cleaning

Depending on where you live, you have a screen cleaning day.  Read the signs to figure out which side to park on.  A schedule and information is available here! Southie residents can also register for “No Tow,” a service provided by the city for residents to be reminded by email when their street is scheduled for cleaning. That’s so helpful! This also applies to DCR and Day Blvd., Columbia Road and Old Colony Ave.

Trash Day

We also have curbside trash and recycling pick up.  You just need to drag out your barrels by 6am on trash day.  You can find out which day of the week is your trash day by visiting here. 

Double parking

Yeah, yeah, yeah…we know double parking is illegal..but this neighborhood is known for it.  But you can’t just go double parking all willy nilly.  There are rules.  We are a society.  You can read them here.

Pull up to the bumper baby.

We have a parking crisis in the neighborhood.  So be aware of how you park.  Did you pull up to the bumper in front of you?  Did you back up to the beginning of the driveway behind you?  Are you taking up two spots?  Don’t park like a jerk. No one likes that.

In the winter, we save spots.

Like it or not, it’s a time-honored tradition passed down for generations.  Here are the unofficial rules.


We’re located on the #7, #9, #10 & #11 bus routes.  We are also located on the Red Line between Broadway Station and South Station.  You can get the scoop here including an app to track service.  

Takeout/Delivery Options

We rounded up our favorite spots in Southie


We have it all.  From skunks to turkeys to the more exotic. 

Local Elected Officials

Congressman Steve Lynch

State Senator Nick Collins

State Rep. David Biele

City Councilor District 2 Ed Flynn

City Councilors At-Large:

Michelle Wu

Michael Flaherty

Annissa Assaibi George

Althea Garrison

Join your neighborhood/civic association

It’s good to be an active and involved citizen of South Boston!  Here’s a quick list of our local neighborhood and civic association.

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