Fort Point Tavern could be coming to the neighborhood.

After five years in business, Oak+Rowan on A Street will be closing its doors.  According to Boston Restaurant Talk, owner Nancy Caswell posted the announcement on Instagram. 

It is with great sadness that I announce the sale of Oak and Rowan.

We all mourn when we lose one of our favorite restaurants because they provide us with so much more than food. They also nourish our soul, and when they are gone, part of the soul of the neighborhoods in which they resided is gone as well. We miss seeing our favorite bartender, who remembers what we drink. We miss catching up with our favorite server, and we miss sitting at that one table that makes us feel especially at home. We miss talking to the owner about life, about the serious moments and the simple things that put smiles on our faces and everything in between. We miss seeing the hardworking support staff take extra care to scoop up a dropped napkin or replace a missing fork. All of these small gestures that make us feel a special sense of togetherness in our neighborhood will be missed.

I want to thank every wonderful guest and employee for supporting us. We welcomed hundreds of thousands of guests and employed incredible people over these years. I am extremely humbled that so many embraced our restaurant and that this amazing community allowed us to grow and succeed for as long as we did.

Finally, I want to wish new ownership the best of luck in a neighborhood I will miss dearly. Please join us through next weekend April 16, 2022 to say goodbye – ❤️ Nancy Caswell

So what will happen with the space? Well, Boston Restaurant Talk goes on to state,  that a licensing board hearing will take place on April 27th to discuss the Fort Point Tavern which hopes to open in A Street space. Another interesting fact reported? The manager listed is William Falaro of the Broadway Restaurant Group (Lincoln Tavern, Loco Taqueria, Capo, Fat Baby, Hunter’s Kitchen). Hmmm…so is the Broadway Restaurant Group expanding once again? We, shall see!

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