While I would never refer to myself as a “foodie” (mostly because I’m not a pretentious a-hole), I am slightly obsessed with food.  I read cookbooks like they’re Danielle Steel novels, I’m already thinking about lunch while I’m still eating breakfast, I’ve got (digital) subscriptions to all the food mags, and I online stalk the menus and IG accounts of any restaurant I might possibly visit.  Because of this love of food and all the food-related content I consume, I’m up on all the food trends!  Of course, there are some food trends I’m more excited about than others (no offense, plant-based everything), and I obviously would love to see these food trends in our backyard…not literally in my backyard because as much as I would love to be an urban homesteader, I don’t want critters.  Anyhoo, these are some food trends I’d like to see in Southie restaurants.

Nostalgia Based Foods

Who else has warm fuzzy memories of coming after school and throwing a tray of Bagel Bites in the toaster oven?  Or throwing a Super Pretzel in the microwave and using almost all the salt that was meant for the entire box of pretzels?  We love nostalgia!  Nostalgia helps unite us, and can remind us of simpler times.  And when its food-based nostalgia, it has the added bonus of being delicious.  Nostalgia-based bar snacks, please!


Pickles are projected to have a big 2023, and as a proud member of the pickle-positive community, I am pleased.  Faves like fried pickles and pickle pizza are expected to pop up on more and more menus (hopefully, some of those more and more menus will be in 02127), and new ways to use pickles will hopefully be tickling our tastebuds.  Gimme chopped pickles as an ingredient in a bowl, or just a bowl of chopped pickles!  Pickle more than just cucumbers!  Use pickle juice to flavor dishes and drinks!  Let’s put our pickle-thinking caps on, Southie restaurant community.

Dirty Soda

It could be because I’m a Stanley Girlie now, but I am very intrigued by dirty soda.  For those of you not on UtahTok, dirty soda is a soda of your choosing, cream, and additional flavors or syrups.  This is how Mormons wile out!  Yes, just thinking about all the sugar in a soda with cream and extra syrup makes my teeth hurt, but I would love to see some Southie establishments give it a whirl.  Sounds like a good fit for Lincoln’s Test Kitchen Brunch, no?


Apologies to Tom Brady, but 2023 is the year of the mushroom.  Thank you, The Last Of Us!  While I might not be brave enough to try that mushroom tea TikTok is always pushing down my throat, in general, I do love a good mushroom…and a bad mushroom, haha, jk.  Portobello, shiitake, oyster, porcini, the morel the merrier (get it?).  So yes, I would love to see mushrooms incorporated into menu items I can chew.


Maybe I’m just dreaming of warm weather, but how good are slushies?  I even love a slushie without booze!  Imagine sitting in a fine South Boston dining establishment on a 75-degree day, windows open, and a slushie in your hand?  That’s the life!  Slushies are projected to be a big food trend this year, and I think selling slushies is basically a license to print money; EVERYONE WILL BUY ONE.  Do I know how to make them or how time-consuming they could possibly be?  We all know I don’t!  

If anyone from a local restaurant is reading this, you are welcome for me giving you some great ideas.  I don’t ask for payment in return, just that you let me know if you incorporate anything of these food trends into your menu so I can come eat it.  Thank you. 

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