Raise your glass!

The Broadway is redefining the cocktail experience by collaborating with Native Sun x Nimbus Cannabis Co. to bring you Southie’s first-ever terpene-infused cocktail.

Native Sun is the first dispensary to open in Southie, only a third of a mile away from Broadway. Nimbus Cannabis Co. is a product sold at their store that is the number one vape brand in the state and one of this year’s harvest cups for the best live resin.

Starting January 31st, The Broadway and Native Sun will throw a cocktail party to try the drink and learn about terpenes. The cocktail “Word on the Street” will be Broadway’s specialty cocktail for February.

More details: Terpenes are aromatic compounds found in plants and are responsible for their characteristic scent and flavor. They’re what makes your favorite things so awesome. These distinct fragrances in plants, cannabis, fruits, vegetables, herbs, etc.—really anything that gives off an aroma or flavor—are actually due to a combination of terpenes, giving them their personality. This cocktail does NOT contain any THC.

The cocktail party takes place on Wednesday, January 31st, at 7pm at The Broadway, complete with tastings, giveaways, and a live DJ!

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