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Where to watch the St. Patrick’s Day Parade/Parade Route

This year, thanks to all the snow, the parde has been re-routed to one straight shot from Broadway Station to Farragut Road.  The Parade begins at 1pm

Not a Bad Seat in the House

There really isn’t a bad place to watch the parade. The key is getting a spot early and then guarding your territory. Along West and East Broadway the streets are wide and there are lots of bars and restaurants along that route. So if you don’t have an open house to go to, that area might be best for you.

Come Early

The key to enjoying the parade is to get to your spot early (especially if you have small kids with you who will want to actually watch the parade). Or you can do what my Aunt Peggy does and hold a spot with some folding chairs and an Irish Knit blanket and then go back to your open house. I’m not condoning this practice and I’m always surprised when we head to the corner and see that nobody has moved her spot holder. Maybe it’s because if they did move it, they’d have to deal with the crazy that was bold enough to hold the spot in the first place.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!