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How to Dress for St. Patrick’s Day

Photography by Joel Benjamin
Hair: Nathan Prescott/Team
Makeup: Laura Dillon/Team

Featuring: Meisha, Rachel, Andres, Laurie, Molly and Anton from Click


Shot on location at Williams Tavern in Southie at 92 A Street

On Rachel, emerald green Shoshana dress from Closet Connection, $150

Black jacket from Pretty Reckless, $190. Green bangles, $14, lace dress, $110 both from Habit

Green “Southie” sweatshirt  worn by Andres.  $40 from The Spot.

Laurie wears an Irish Knit sweater ($65) and wool cap ($20) – both from Closet Connection.

On Anton, a shamrock green BFD fire t-shirt from K Street Firehouse $15. On Meisha, “Kiss Me” Tank from Ku De Ta $59, statement necklace from Habit, $34.

On Andres, Navy hoodie emblazoned with a celtic inspired BFD logo, $45 available at K Street Firehouse.

Rachel and Meisha wear muscle shirts from Ku De TA both $59.   Earrings $22, necklace $34 both at Habit.  Louis Vuitton bag $550 at Closet Connection.  Green stone bracelet from Ku De Ta $20.

On Rachel, a vintage leather jacket, $68  from Closet Connection, a fringe leather cross body, $55 from Pretty Reckless, and scarf, $26 from Habit

Meisha wears a vintage curley lamb jacket and green silk blouse, $40 from Closet Connection.  Green Bling Earrings $20 from Ku De Ta and statement necklace from Habit $34

Deck yourself in head to toe Irish Pride this St. Patrick’s Day.  T-shirts and hoodie’s available at The Spot and K Street Firehouse – price range $15-$45.  Beads & props from Party City at South Bay.

Did you know that in 1945 a gentleman by the name of Joe D.purchased the William’s Tavern from St. Peter & Paul Church – after it was donated by the original owner William died?  Joe considered changing the name from William’s Tavern but decided to keep the name because his father’s name was William and he was a big fan of Ted Williams. He dropped the apostrophe from the name.  William’s Tavern became Williams Tavern.  For more info on Williams visit: http://www.williamstavernsouthboston.com/

Where to shop:

  • Closet Connection – 553 East Broadway
  • Habit – 703 East Broadway
  • K Street Firehouse – corner of K and East Fourth.  Apparel for sale on Saturdays and Sundays.
  • Ku De Ta – 663 East Broadway
  • Pretty Reckless – 485 East Broadway
  • The Spot – 457 West Broadway