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Parking in Southie is always a nightmare. Parking in Southie on parade day is always a super nightmare, so I think it’s safe to say that parking in Southie for this year’s St. Patrick’s Day parade will be a bad acid trip, fever dream nightmare.  If you’re coming into town for the big day and you’re freaking out about how where the heck you’re going to park don’t worry, we got your back.  Here at Caught In Southie we have the straight dope, aka five options for stashing your wheels.

Just triple park.  What could possibly happen at the parade that would require an emergency vehicle to drive freely though South Boston?  Just leave it in the middle of the street, you’ll be fine.

Take the T.  Haha, JK.  As much as I hate everyone who comes into Southie and acts like baboon on parade day, I would never suggest anyone take the MBTA, I’m not that mean.

Uber it.  I assume Uber surge pricing will be in full effect Sunday, so what’s a booze-bag on a budget supposed to do?  Ask to borrow a friend’s phone and order some black car service on their account, duh.

A stranger’s driveway.  How does that saying go, “There are no strangers, just friends you haven’t met yet”?  Well why not just park your car in some friend you haven’t met yet’s driveway?  Don’t even bother with a note, your yet to be friend should be grateful you didn’t park in their front yard, or in their living room.

Sit this one out.  Maybe this year it would be fun to stay home and pee on the sidewalk in front of your own house for a change?  Just say you’ll think about it.

However you decide to get to Southie (or stay home, please) promise me you’ll be safe, promise me you’ll be smart, and promise me you’ll act like you were raised by human beings in a society and not like Nell from the movie Nell at a frat party.  Thanks!