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Most likely you’ll wake-up sometime this month hung-over from partaking too much in Irish Pride celebration. It’s sort of the inevitable.

The combination of consuming too much alcohol and not getting enough sleep create the recipe for pounding headaches, nausea, vomiting and fatigue. Not fun.

We here at Caught in Southie, would like to help you alleviate some of the pain with our cures for hangovers.

The medical term for hangover is veisalgia – derived from the Norwegian word for “uneasiness following debauchery.” And in most cases it’s self-inflicted overindulgence. Why on earth would we drink nine Vodka tonics in one night? Doing those three shots of Woo-Woo seemed like at good idea last night but this morning – not so much.


One of the largest factors of a hangover is being dehydrated. Ideally, for every one drink you consume you should drink a large glass of water. But who wants to take up valuable drinking time and space by filling it up with water.

So the next morning, start off your day with a large glass of water – even though water will taste disgusting. Get yourself a Gatorade too. It will help replace all the electrolytes you lost last night. Drink a little more water. Have a large cup of coffee – the caffeine will help relieve some of the headache by constricting the blood vessels in your head. Get yourself some food STAT! It seems as though a certain type of food helps with a hangover or rather that is what our body is craving.

Here are some of Southie’s best hangover foods as recommended by local Caught readers:

  • A large Italian Cold Cut Sub with everything including hots from Joseph’s. A bag of Wise Onion Garlic Chips and an ice cold Ginger Ale.
  • A large Steak and Cheese with extra cheese from Sal’s. A bag of chips and a can of coke.
  • First Aid Shot Therapy available at Tedeschi’s – it’s like liquid magic!
  • Egg and cheese on an English muffin at Cranberry Cafe and a large Ice Coffee with extra cream and sugar.
  • Anything from Sully’s.
  • Large Chicken Parm Sub from Joseph’s.
  • A big vegetable omelet with home fries from Mul’s, or L Street Diner
  • Bailey’s Frazzlenut Ice Coffee with cream and sugar.
  • A bacon, egg and cheese from Sidewalk Cafe
  • Anything with red sauce – usually sausage pizza or meatball sub from Mirisola’s or both.

Apparently, salad is not the cure for a hangover.

After the hangover meal, a big long nap will help the process along but really you know that time is the only thing to relieve you of a hangover.

And the day after the hangover you usually feel somewhat back to normal and you forget how bad you felt and you do it all over again the following weekend.

How many times have you been out at a bar and knew that if you have just one more you are destined to have a big, fat hangover.

And you choose to ignore good judgment and instead listen to that little voice in your head that says, “go ahead, have another one.” And we have another one and another one and the hangover is there to greet us in the morning – taunting us with an “I told you so.” So the sad fact is, the only real cure for a hangover is not to drink to excess. And what fun is that?

“It’s St. Patrick’s Day. Go ahead, have another one!”