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Awkward situations arise in every social setting including St. Patrick’s Day. Here are a few ways to ease your way out of some sticky ones:

How to best deal with a drunk guest at your party:

The best way to deal with a party-goer who has had too much to drink, is to find out who they came with and explain the situation to them. Suggest that it’s best if that person head on home to sleep it off. Ultimately it is your responsibility to make sure that person gets home safely. Don’t let them drink and drive. If they live close by walk them home or call them a cab.

How to get rid of a red wine stain:

The best way to get rid of a red wine stain is this fail proof solution. Mix 1 cup water with 1/2 cup hydrogen peroxide, then add a little bit of soap. Put the solution into a spray bottle and apply it directly to the stain. Watch as the combination of soap and hydrogen peroxide turns the red wine stain clear immediately! This formula works on more than just wine stains, it works on fruit punch and coffee too.

How to introduce someone whose name you’ve forgotten:

If this person is a new acquaintance, be honest and say, “I’m sorry I’ve forgotten your name.” If it is someone like your husband’s friends from work’s wife that you have met a million times, either discreetly ask someone in the know or introduce the person whose name you do know first and then hope that the person will then tell them their name. For example: “This is my friend Jennifer,” then casually step back and hope that the other person will then say, “Nice to meet you Jennifer. My name is Sally.”

How to kindly get rid of “the guest that would not leave”:

Offer them one last drink. You yourself should abstain from the last drink and begin cleaning up cups and plates. If the person doesn’t take the hint, ask him to pick up his drink and roll up the tablecloth on the table he’s sitting at. If that doesn’t work, you must be direct. “Hey, party’s over!” Then hand him his coat.

Ooops. You’ve run out of beer/wine/liquor:

The parade is on a Sunday and package stores are open until 6pm. If it is before six send someone on a liquor run in some cases liquor stores will deliver. So pick up the phone and place an order. Try Bay View Liquor on Dorchester Street 617-268-7612 If it’s after 6pm, suggest going to another open house or one of the many local bars. Once guests leave, you can either join them or lock the door!

You are the host and the parade is starting:

As the host, you will not be able to watch the parade. An Open House means just that “open-house”. People need to use the bathroom, warm up, have another drink and attend to children who aren’t enjoying the parade, so be patient, pour yourself a glass of wine and watch the parade on TV.

Boston’s Finests Show up at your door:

If the Boston Police show up to your door, the party is over. Have the officers help you clear out your home. Lock the doors and call it a night! Happy St. Patrick’s Day!