Workouts to Try in the New Year

It’s 2022 and even though the the pandemic is lingering, Gyms and fitness studios are opened with public safety measures in place so you can get healthy and fit! Many of these fitness studios are offering New Year/New Student specials too! Check out our roundup here! 

Recycling Christmas Trees

Give that Christmas Tree a second life! The City of Boston will be collecting them the first two full weeks in January! Place trees at curb by 6am on trash day. No decorations, bags, stands or lights on the tree. The tree will be shredded up to be used as compost. The compost will be distributed in various Boston parks to help new things grow!

Be Informed. Get Involved.

Save the Dates! The BPDA will be hosting a series of Virtual Public Meetings in connection with the submission of the Draft Project Impact Report for the proposed Dorchester Bay City project. The first in the series involves transportation and infrastructure  – including Kosciuszko Circle aka the Rotary from Hell. You can can learn more here.

Treat yourself to a pick-me-up

Have you been burning the candle at both ends?  I.V. League can help you rehydrate after all the celebrating you’ve been doing lately! Hydration packages start at $80.  You can learn more about them here!  

Try something new in 2022

From rock climbing to learning how to knit, here’s a list of new things to try in the new year!  Check out our roundup!

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