It’s 2023.  Shake up your workout routine and try something new! 

My Stryde

My Stryde offers running, strength, HIIT, recovery, and combo classes to get you fitter, faster and stronger!  Located on at the corner of Summer and East Second Street, this new fitness studio is now open and offers virtual classes and you can reserve the studio for private workouts.  Follow them on Instagram for updates.

Regan’s Motivated Gym

A local gym favorite, Regan’s has been proving itself as a butt-busting favorite since 2007.  Located right on West Broadway, Regan’s prides itself on providing education on becoming both physically and mentally fit. The neighborhood gym offers more than 20 classes per week, including Spin, Strength and Conditioning, and Yoga.  If you’re looking for an extra boost to blast through that fitness plateau, Regan’s also offers bootcamps three days per week for both members and non-members.  Other exercise equipment and free weights are also available for those gym-goers who are just getting started with their new year’s fitness regiment.  For more information visit here! 

The Handle Bar

Get ready to pedal your way to lean and mean – think 600 calories in 45 minutes.  The Handle Bar, Southie’s first-ever indoor cycling studio is one of the most popular workouts around.  Located in the Macallen Building, The Handle Bar houses 30 bikes, a reception area, cubbies for riders, and two restrooms.    This high-energy, fat-burning workout is a great addition to your fitness routine and is the perfect cure for workout boredom – it’s a party on a bike with a top-of-the-line sound system, mood lighting, and motivating instructors. The Handle Bar is located at 141 Dorchester Ave.  For more information visit their website! Virtual classes only!

Lifted Fitness

Take a class at Lifted and you are guaranteed to leave sweaty, sore, and smiling. With attentive trainers, a welcoming environment, and top-of-the-line equipment, Lifted’s classes will whip you into shape in no time. Email [email protected] for a free intro session! Virtual classes only.

Backyard Bos

BACKYAHD BOS was created by three local trainers in Boston with the intention of making fitness fun and healthy again! The studio is located at South Bay and classes range from strength and conditioning to circuit training plus yoga and pilates. For first time clients – it’s 2 classes for just $30. You can learn more here! 

Evolve Power Yoga

Breathe and flow! Evolve Power Yoga offers in-person and virtual classes for you try in the new year. Check out the schedule here. Make sure to ask about their pricing specials!

Peter Welch’s Gym

Peter Welch’s features Fighter Conditioning and Fighter Strength, these workouts will keep you in tip top shape.  You can learn more here. 

East Side Yoga + Fitness

Featuring an array of workouts both in-studio and online including Vinyasa, Yoga Sculpt, Power Flow + more, East Side Yoga + Fitness is conveniently located at 584 East Broadway.

Workout with Trillfit

TRILLFIT® is an award-winning boutique fitness studio with classes ranging from Cardio Dance to Sculpt. The offer many outdoor classes in addition to plenty of online classes too! You can learn more here! 

Yoga Playground

One of Southie’s newest yoga studios – Yoga Playground–offers all-level classes, power flow and mat pilates!  You can learn more here!

Here are some new fitness studios on the horizon opening in 2023!

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