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Talk about thinking outside the box!  When it comes to the traffic nightmare that we deal with daily in South Boston, one developer is proposing something a little out of the ordinary: an arial tram.

According to the Boston Globe, one Boston developer said it is willing foot the bill for up to  $100 million for this elevated idea to become a reality.  US Representative Stephen Lynch and Southie resident seems to be on board as well.

Millennium Partners is proposing building an aerial tram or cable car to run from South Station to the Seaport District of South Boston.  This system would be be able to transport nearly 15,000 people daily!

According to Michael Vaughan – Southie resident and spokesman for Millennium said it’s time for an innovative solution.

This idea is really nothing new. Other cities with the same traffic issues have tried it out including in New York City, Portland, OE, and Medellin, Colombia.

So what do you think, Southie?  Good idea?

To learn more details you can read the full article in the Globe here! 


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  1. Typical Millenial August 28, 2017 at 1:26 pm - Reply

    They should take the hubway model and use it on magic carpets. You get your flying carpet from the docking station, fly wherever you need to go, and then dock it at another docking station. Simple.

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