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Nothing says Christmas like getting blackout drunk

Looks like the holiday season is in full swing in the neighborhood.  One Southie resident was less than pleased to find a stranger in her bed early Sunday morning. The “gentleman” was three-sheets to the wind complete with a festive string of novelty Christmas lights around his neck.  He’d made his way up three flights of stairs into the woman’s apartment and into her warm bed.

BPD was called by the downstair neighbor.  The merrymaker was found.  Evidently, he found his way into the wrong apartment. Both the front door and the third floor door were left open.

The details were described via the Southie Community Bulletin Board.

This is not the first time a “situation” like this has occurred in the neighborhood and probably won’t be the last.  Word to the wise, lock your doors.  And to the “stumbling Santa” – you may want to reel it. That’s a dangerous situation for all involved.


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