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The Hottest New Bar is called Delay

Auction International is auctioning seven old Green and Orange Line cars for the MBTA.  Bids will be accepted until January 28th.  Currently, the opening bid is $500.   

If you end up purchasing the cars, you must also pay to remove the cars and onsite scrapping is not allowed. Red Line more of your thing?  Look for those in future auctions.

Ideas for what to do with the old MBTA cars? 

Convert into a hip & happening bar called Delay. (Said in the voice of Bill Hader’s Stephon from SNL) If you’re looking for fun, the hottest new restaurant is Delay. Converted from an old Green Line trolley, Delay has it all; an angry frustrated mob waiting to get in; servers dressed at MBTA workers who address your questions with disdain; a man with a giant backpack who will bump into you repeatedly while you try and sip your drink; a woman wearing Airpods having a full conversation with her sister about nonsense for everyone to hear. Looking for more excitement? Be on the lookout for a pack of scary teenagers, an old lady wearing a bathrobe and a pigeon who unexpectedly shows up and flies around the cart. Each table is complete with an old Herald.  On the weekends, Keytar Bear plays early 90’s hip hop and pack of anti-circumcision protesters will block your way from getting in the restrooms. 

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