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In Southie, we’re used to seeing some strange things – a severed hoof, a guy snowboarding at Dorchester Heights, a bunch of old coffee cups under lock & key on a city street…but this one might be the weirdest.

One neighborhood resident out walking her dog came across two lobsters in the snow and we have lots of questions. How did they get there? Did they wash up from Pleasure Bay? Fall out the bottom of a grocery bag? Escape from the kitchen before they were boiled to death on Christmas Eve only to freeze to death in the snow?  You can see a video of them here. 

Maybe it’s an old Sicilian sign to let us know that Luca Brasi sleeps with the lobsters.

However these lobsters made it to this spot – it is really the perfect ending to 2020, right?  Two dead lobsters in the dirty city snow.

A very special thank you to Inessa for sharing this weirdness with us. 


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