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Just a Public Service Announcement to keep your car doors locked.  There has been a string of vehicle break-ins in Southie. (We get weekly emails about them.) Earlier this week, on Marine Road, several cars were broken into.  All incidents were reported.   

But just a reminder, keep your car doors locked and if you see something, say something!

Be safe out there, Southie!


  1. Lisa M September 5, 2018 at 8:54 pm - Reply

    Also, this is probably obvious, but don’t leave anything that may look valuable in plain view.

    A few years ago my car got broken into in the middle of the day because I had a makeup bag on my seat. The best part is that some lovely/amazing/brave woman saw the guy do it and chased him to get my stuff! He ended up tripping and dropping it all in the road. He got away, but she picked everything up, brought it back to my car, called the police and waited for them come to give a report. There are some awesome Southie neighbors out there!

  2. mplo September 6, 2018 at 3:42 pm - Reply

    I’m glad you were able to retrieve your stuff, Lisa M, due to your neighbor’s being brave enough to chase the perpetrator and thereby cause him to stumble and drop it all in the road, pick up the stuff, bring it back to your car, call the police, and waited for them to come and give them a report.

    We’ve had car break-ins in our district as well, although not as of late. Afew years ago, another resident of our building inadvertently allowed an unknown person to follow him into the building after he’d been walking his own dog. The miscreant not only broke into the gallery of our building and stole $1500.00 that was earmarked for a program for local children with AIDS, but he went down into the garage, and broke into a car, because there was a fancy-looking bag in the front, on the floor, with a person’s school work in it.

    Another person’s garage card was stolen, as well. This resulted in the now-ex manager of our complex having to go through the expensive ordeal of not only having to replace the mechanism that allows us to enter the garage by inserting our cards into the slot, thus opening the garage door, but everybody, including myself, who parks in the garage, had to be issued new garage cards, as well.

    There have been no break-ins since then, since people are more careful than they used to be, overall, and are wary enough not to leave anything of value in their cars, including their garage cards.

    Again, glad you got your stuff back, Lisa.

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