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Beware of tire thieves

Southie has seen it all.  Tree butchers (http://tinyurl.com/hxo7984).  Package bandits (http://tinyurl.com/z44craq) and now we have a tire thief.  The following is report from the Boston Police Department regarding an attempted tire theft:  

At about 9:52pm, on Sunday, January 10, 2016, officers from District C-6 (South Boston) responded to a radio call for a person stealing tires off a car parked in the area of 549 E. First Street. On arrival, officers observed an individual attempting to take tires off a parked motor vehicle. Upon seeing the approaching officers, the suspect dropped a heavy metal object and took off running. After a brief foot pursuit, officers were able to apprehend the suspect. While inspecting the vehicle, officers discovered lug nuts missing on two of the tires. Specifically, officers observed and counted almost twelve recently removed lug nuts scattered about the ground in and around the car. Additionally, officers observed and recovered a long handled 18mm ratchet wrench found near the front passenger-side tire. Officers were then directed to the suspect’s vehicle which was parked a short distance away from the scene with the engine still running. Upon inspecting the suspect’s vehicle, officers observed a blue hydraulic car jack in the back compartment of the truck. Officers arrested Lamont Lungelow, 35, of Boston and charged him with the Willful & Malicious Destruction of Property (Over $250.00), Possession of Burglarious Tools and Attempted Larceny (Over $250.00). Suspect asked one of the officers to retrieve his phone from his car. When the officer picked up the phone, the screen illuminated displaying a message. Upon inspecting the message, officers observed a recently sent text which read: “I’m trying to take these rims so hold on please.”

Be careful out there, Southie!