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We all know that M Street Beach is the place to be – especially in the summer months.  Well, it’s the place to be for the Southie Coyote too. That lovable scamp that has captured the hearts of our neighborhood was spotted on M Street Beach on Wednesday morning.

(spotted by our friends at Stooping Southie)

The Southie Coyote got a lot of press this week with news and social media time while he/she hung out at Carson Beach with several onlookers standing by.  One was spotted near Medal of Honor Park, in addition to Marine Road near M Street. There were also two coyotes chilling out at Moakley Park on Monday morning reinforcing the fact it is mating season for coyotes.

Evidently, it’s not uncommon to see coyotes wandering around the neighborhood during mating season looking for love. During March coyotes will also seek out and excavate their den sites – another reason they could be roaming around eyeing coveted Southie properties.

We also noticed that several gaggles of geese have left the Carson Beach area for the Pleasure Bay neighborhood. Coyotes eat Canada Geese so where the food goes they go.

Be on the lookout and a friendly reminder to keep your distance from coyotes and keep your dogs on leash.

Main image via Katie St. George – thank you for sending! 


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