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Pitch in, Southie!

A group of dedicated South Boston residents have launched a new litter campaign designed to help keep our streets a little cleaner and our community a little bit tighter. 

They need your help naming this campaign.  You can submit your ideas about a cleaner South Boston as well as names for this campaign here: http://planetsouthie.blogspot.com/

The deadline for this contest is March 22, 2014. 

Here are a sampling of ideas of how this campaign might work:

  • Build website where residents can submit (and map) trash problems and plan spontaneous clean-up meet-ups with neighbors.?
  • Work with the City to advocate for solutions that may include more trash cans, more frequent trash pick up, and other systems change. ?
  • Create a communications campaign to change attitudes and behaviors so that more people and businesses will act responsibly.?
  • Work with other Boston neighborhoods to create City-wide solutions

Our idea for a name?  Don’t be a dirtball, Southie!



  1. Renee Rasinski March 10, 2014 at 12:15 pm
    I would love to help out with this important project. People feel better when they aren’t looking at garbage and debris every time they walk.
  2. Brian March 11, 2014 at 7:25 pm
    Here are some thoughts on trash:
    Separate your returnable cans & bottles
    This will deter the pickers from ripping apart your bags to get to the 5 cent can.
    Leave the bags untied. If the picker does want into your bag, they’ll likely open it instead of ripping a hole.
    Bag It!
    Properly bag your trash in a black trash bag. A TJ Maxx bag doesn’t work, nor does just tossing crap on the curb.
    If you’ve got a trash can, use it.
    Neatly stack your trash to keep it from spilling over onto the sidewalk.
    Morning Of
    If possible, put your trash out the morning of pickup.
    This will keep people and rodents out of your trash.
    If your trash is raided, clean up the mess.
    No one wants to see your chicken bones on the sidewalk.

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