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We hardly knew ye.

As fast whole Boston 2024 hoopla blew into town, it seems the wind has been officially let out of the sails of this ship.   The USOC has decided to pull the Boston 2024 bid on Monday.  With lack of support from from Governor Charlie Baker and then suddenly, Mayor Marty Walsh, the USOC had to pull the cord.  Both Walsh and Baker said they would not sign the host city agreement that would put the taxpayers on the hook for any problems or overruns from the Olympics.  

At a last minute press conference on Monday morning, Walsh stated he would not sign a the mandatory host city agreement required by the USOC. ” I refuse to mortgage the future of the city away, I refuse to put Boston on the hook for overruns and I refuse to commit to signing a taxpayer guarantee that uses taxpayer dollars for the Olympics.” 

When asked by the press if the mayor’s decision was based on the negative feedback and lack of support for Boston 2024, Walsh responded that the opposition “are about 10 people on Twitter and couple people out there beating the drum beat.”  Hmmm…. goes to show the power of social media. 

No other neighborhood in the city of Boston was going to be most impacted by the Boston 2024 Olympics than South Boston so we want to know, are you relieved the bid is dead or disappointed?