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Recently, Representative David Biele submitted testimony in support of S.1483, An Act concerning health insurance benefits for surviving spouses of firefighters in the City of Boston.  The legislation is a home rule petition from the City of Boston. 

As written, the legislation would allow a surviving spouse of a Boston firefighter who died due to an injury or illness received in the performance of his or her duty to continue receiving health insurance coverage through the City of Boston’s Employees’ Healthcare Insurance. 

The home rule petition applies to surviving spouses regardless of marital status.  Currently, a surviving spouse of a Boston firefighter is not eligible to receive health insurance coverage if he or she remarries.  Similar “remarriage penalties” for pension benefits have been eliminated by the Massachusetts Legislature, allowing surviving spouses of firefighters to retain pension benefits regardless of marital status. 

In addition to surviving spouses, the legislation also allows any dependent children of firefighters to continue receiving health insurance coverage.

“Firefighters in the City of Boston risk their lives each and every day, and deserve our thanks, appreciation and support” said Rep. Biele. “This legislation acknowledges the sacrifices made by firefighters who died while protecting the City of Boston and its citizens by providing benefits and health care coverage to their surviving spouses and children.”

This bill is currently under review in the Massachusetts House of Representatives.

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