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On Monday afternoon, 30-year-old Bampumim Teixeira was arraigned from his hospital bed for the double homicide that happened on Friday, May 5th in South Boston. It is alleged that Teixeira brutally murdered Dr. Lina Bolanos, 38, and her fiancé Dr. Richard Field, 49.  They were found both bound and with their throats slashed.  Field was able to text a friend asking for help in the last moments of his life.  This friend alerted the police.  When the Boston police arrived to the penthouse of 141 Dorchester Ave, both Field and Bolanos were already dead.  Teixiera – who was recently release from prison for two counts of larceny –  was shot and wounded by police after discovering him in the apartment.

New details:
When police reached the penthouse they found a set of keys on the ground in front of the condo.

After taking Teixiera into custody, Teixiera told police there was another armed man in the apartment waiting to open fire.  The SWAT team was sent in.

A backpack filled with jewelry was discovered at the scene.

Teixeira is being held without bail.

According to a tweet by Michael Rosenfield from NBC Boston, Teixeira did in fact work as a concierge at 141 Dorchester Street briefly.

During a press conference today, Suffolk County DA Dan Conley rebuked reports of the ”graphic and disturbing” details of the incident – some of which he said were “flatly, incontrovertibly, wrong.”  Conley also went on to say that the victims and suspect did not know each other.

Questions that we have:
How did Teixiera get into the building? Did he have  an accomplice?

Was the message of retaliation written on the wall and photos cut up as was reported earlier not true at all?

Could the motive be something as simple as a robbery?

More to follow.




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  1. Eleanor May 9, 2017 at 6:43 pm - Reply

    Is the media obsessing a bit that they lived in a “LUXURY” condo? One article went into the average rents, the amount they paid for their unit?…Is this really relevant? Maybe worth a quick mention but geeez, they don’t miss a chance to get the word “Luxury” condo in there.

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