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We knew it was too easy.  No dragging of heels, kicking and screaming.  Earlier this week, Bay Windows reported that numerous sources have confirmed OUTVets – an organized group of LGBT vets – had their application approved to march in the St. Patrick’s Day Parade in 2015. 

In case you live under a rock, the organizing group of the parade – The Allied War Veterans Council – have rejected numerous applications by LGBT groups in the past.   On Monday evening the AWVC committee voted 5 to 4 to approve the application.  Done deal, right?  Well….now, according to the Dorchester Reporter, one of the AWV is saying, “not so fast.”

Phillip Wuschke Jr. is claiming a quorum was not present at the Monday night meeting and that not all members were notified and called the meeting “illegal.”   “The Supreme Court decision in 1994 still stands.  There will be no sexual contents in the parade and that’s where it stands,” said  Wuschke.   

Honestly, Phil?  Are we gonna beat this dead horse again and again every year?   So apparently, the parade controversy is not over for now.  Mayor Marty Walsh’s office praised the Monday night decision for the parade to finally be inclusive.  In a press release Tuesday, Senator Linda Dorcena Forry stated that she is encouraged by AWVC and is hopeful that OUTVets will be able to march in this year’s parade.  According to the Dorchester Reporter article, Even Brian Mahoney – lifelong Southie resident and AWVC member disagrees with Wuschke.  “Every year we go through this nonsense. This is not Brian Mahoney’s parade, not Phil Wuschke’s parade, not Wacko Hurley’s parade. This is a parade put on by the Allied Veterans War Council for the benefit of South Boston.”  Well, said Brian!

The real kicker is Wushke doesn’t even live in South Boston.  So once again, the battle for an inclusive St. Patrick’s Day Parade is on.  More to come.