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The neo-Nazi group that has been popping up in our local social media feeds lately are once again in the news. The group NSC 131 is accused of placing stickers with hateful messages on the Red Line.

To refresh your memory, NSC 131 is the group that held a banner at the St. Patrick’s Day Parade that said “Keep Boston Irish” in addition to having a beef with the band, the Dropkick Murphys.

According to NECN, on the same day as the parade, stickers associated with NSC 131 were found on MBTA Red Line trains. They read, “No Antifa, Black Lives Matter, gangs or pedophiles. Ride at your own risk.

The MBTA told NECN that one sticker that they in their possession “claims that this group actually patrols the MBTA for people that are enemies of the group.” Yikes.

State Sen. Nick Collins stated, “They broke the law by defacing property of the MBTA, and they should be held accountable.”

More to follow.

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