This case has more twists and turns than expected.  First, it was the disturbing report of a call that was made last Saturday morning at 381 Old Colony Ave. for a person in cardiac arrest. In addition, to a person found dead in the apartment, first responders, BFD, also discovered alcohol, drugs, sex toys, and four children, ages 5 to 10, living in deplorable conditions – initially being hidden from firefighters.

BFD filed a 51A form –  a form via the Massachusetts Department of Children and Families that allows one to Report of Child(ren) Alleged to be Suffering from Abuse or Neglect.  The four children involved were removed from the apartment and are currently in the custody of the Department of Children and Families.

On Thursday, the BPD came out with a conflicting report of the incident refuting that there were drugs, sex toys etc. on scene.  According to the Globe, there were two reports filed by the police. The initial report did not mention children at the scene at all. On Sunday, police then created a supplemental report and filed a 51A, a report of possible abuse or neglect, with the DCF “regarding conditions in the home.” 

Mayor Michelle Wu is also disputing “some of the information that’s been floating out there,” saying that it didn’t come directly from first responders. Wu said “there have been some second- and third-hand accounts from those who were not at the scene,” and do not match reports that were filed.

Now the fire union is pushing back at the mayor and police, saying firefighters stand by what they reported.  According to the Boston Herald,  Sam Dillon, president of Boston Firefighters Local 718, defended the firefighters.

“Local 718 stands squarely behind the actions taken by our firefighters,” Dillon told the Herald on Friday. “The integrity of the firefighters involved in this incident is beyond reproach. Their swift action to address what they encountered should be commended by everyone involved.”

Dillion went on to add that the incident report written by BFD is accurate – “100% accurate.”  He also mentioned that firefighters arrived prior to police officers and encountered a different scene than was described by the police department in a Thursday night statement. You can read that report here. 

The report written by the BFD states that the adults they encountered at the incident were uncooperative and did not provide helpful information. “All adults present denied having children inside the apartment,” the fire department report states.”

Dillon also stated that there was drug paraphernalia present in the apartment, and the death appeared to be caused by a drug overdose.

The cause of death will be determined by the medical examiner’s office.  You can read the full details via the Herald here. 

So now what? Will there be a follow-up report from BPD or the City of Boston? We’re guessing probably not.

Sam Dillon also posted the following on Instagram:




  1. Deborah Otey June 24, 2023 at 3:59 pm - Reply

    Why is Mayor Wu inserting herself in this ?
    Why is she not supporting BFD who were first on scene?
    Something seems way off ….

  2. Your Imperial Leader… June 24, 2023 at 10:33 pm - Reply

    …goes whichever way the wind’s blowing. Last week when her identity-hire/chauffeur almost killed a mother and child while driving a taxpayer-funded vehicle and activating lights & siren, and then proceeding to drive as if lights & siren were warranted (they were NOT), her story was “I was on my phone, so…”.
    Then THIS week her story changed to (basically) “I’m a dignitary, so…”.
    Her driver OBVIOUSLY told her “Uh-uh, girlfriend, I ain’t falling on my sword for YOU.” Boy did she change her tune fast. But….nothing that see here. See, she’s smarter than you. Just ask her.
    Now she’s putting BFD against BPD? They have a word for this whole “Divide & Conquer” technique. It’s called Marxism. And it’s very effective (in destroying civilizations/societies) when left unchecked.
    Wake up, Boston . Wake up.

  3. Joan June 25, 2023 at 10:11 am - Reply

    Extremely disappointed at Mayor Wu. It seems she’s siding with BPD to squash the severity of the situation. As a parent herself, it’s honestly disgusting.

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