Good news to share today — Will has officially “graduated” from the ICU at MGH and is currently waiting to be transferred to Spaulding Hospital. We were able to meet with his entire care team this week and all of them expressed that he has been working really hard to get to this point! They also all remarked on his kindness and humor which will come as a surprise to none of you.

While he has definitely been pushed to work hard by his care team in the ICU, Spaulding is where the real work will begin and Will is definitely ready for it. Spaulding is also where we will start to get a better sense of what the future will hold for Will in terms of what he needs to live independently — as we learn more we will share with you here.

Thank you again for your continued generosity, kind words, prayers, and good energy. They have buoyed all of us over the last few weeks.

Be Well & Go Bruins,

UPDATE from May 6th:

I would say that we are speechless but surely William would point out that no one in our family has ever been short on words. Instead, I will say that we are truly and completely overwhelmed and humbled by everyone’s generosity and kindness since last Friday, and in particular since this page was created just over 48 hours ago.

From Will’s incredible restaurant industry colleagues to our Southie neighbors to the global rugby community to our friends and family near and far — we are so lucky to have you all in Will’s corner.

Will is still fighting hard at MGH every day, impressing the nurses and doctors with his strength, grit, and humor. We will update this page as he moves through the next stages of his treatment and ask for your continued prayers, good energy, and healing thoughts.

In gratitude,
Elizabeth Good

Original Post

Southie native, Will Good – was seriously injured in a car crash early on Friday morning and suffered a significant neck and spinal injury. Will has worked in the Boston restaurant for years – currently working at Uni.  A GoFundMe has been organized to help cover his hospital and rehab needs.  Please consider making a donation!

See post below:

One of Boston’s restaurant industry’s own, Will Good, was a passenger in a serious car accident on his way home from work, early in the morning of Friday, April 30th. He has suffered a significant neck and spinal injury and is currently in MGH’s Neurology ICU. We don’t know what the future will look like for Will, but we do know he faces a long road to recovery. Our goal is to raise funds to help cover his hospital and rehab needs and allow him to live independently.

Will Good has touched our lives, whether through his work in so many of Boston’s great restaurants, screaming the lyrics of his newest song, bumping shoulders in the pit or on a bar stool, or walking through the neighborhoods of Boston he’s called home his whole life.

We know this year has been financially straining for most people, and we thank you for any amount that you can provide. Please keep him and his family in your thoughts.

Will is lucky to have so many people in his corner, any funds that are not used for his needs will be paid forward in donation to Spaulding Recovery, whose mission is to provide care, promote education, and advance rehabilitative research.

You can make a donation here. 

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