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During a City Council Hearing to discuss the rodent situation in the City of Boston – and yes, it’s a situation – our own City Councilor Ed Flynn tossed out an old school word of yesteryear.

According to Adam Gaffin from Universal Hub – who was covering the hearing – the lifelong Southie resident and city councilor, stated that young people in the neighborhood are “eating pizza and spuckies and all sorts of foods” and and then throwing the remains on the street.

For those of you who don’t know what a spuckie is – it’s a very old school term for sub.  As in, “I’ll have a meatball spuckie with provolone.”  This term has not been used in decades but we are loving that Flynn used it so casually and confidently at the hearing.

After questions on twitter to what exactly a spuckie is, Flynn responded stating he would use that term again.

To this we say, please keep using the word!  We love it!  Your statement during the hearing would only have been better if you also used the words, boss of tonic. (If you know, you know.) Let’s see if we can get #spuckie trending.

Make sure to follow Flynn on twitter to see the good work he’s been up to.

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