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Letter to the Editor: 

I first met Corey Dinopoulos three years ago, when we found ourselves on opposite sides of the debate over bringing the 2024 Summer Olympics to Boston. Though we disagreed over the bid, I always admired Corey’s passion for making the city a better place, and his willingness to think big in order to achieve our broader shared goals for the city and region.

Boston is already a great place to live, but we can do even better. From the BPS budget to MBTA performance, the problems facing our Boston can only be solved by thinking boldly about our city’s future. That’s why I believe Corey is the best candidate to represent District 2, and to bring fresh, forward thinking to the City Council.

Corey understands that we should be pursuing policies that improve quality of life for all Bostonians, regardless of their income, race, or background. One of Boston’s strengths is that so many different types of people call it home, but more and more families feel priced out of our neighborhoods. We need housing that’s not only affordable, but integrated with transit in a way that makes sense for working families. Corey will be a strong voice for transit that is reliable and safe. He will also work for more protected bike lanes, which will make things safer for cyclists, and help us all do a better job of sharing our crowded streets.

Business as usual simply won’t cut it anymore. We need someone who, through his actions, has demonstrated a desire to improve transportation here, rather than paying it lip service. I was happy to see Corey voice his support at a recent MBTA board meeting for a proposal that would revive late-night T service responsibly, benefiting thousands of hardworking men and women in the healthcare, foodservice, and construction industries. That’s the kind of leadership Boston needs.

Corey’s outreach to Olympic opponents demonstrated to me his commitment to bringing people together over shared values, even if we don’t always agree. I’m proud to support my old foe, and now friend, Corey. I encourage all voters in District 2 to do the same.

Join me by making a contribution or signing up to volunteer at www.coreyforboston.com

Chris Dempsey
Fmr. Co-Chair, No Boston Olympics

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