Committee Hearing to Review $24.3 Million in CPA Funding

Councilor Flaherty, as Community Preservation Committee Chair, led the hearing to review and
approve the Mayor’s recommendations, including over $2.1M for Boston City Council District 2 for projects in Chinatown, Downtown, and South Boston.

See press release below:

BOSTON, MA – Boston City Councilor At-Large Michael F. Flaherty, Chair of the Council’s
Committee on the Community Preservation Act, recently held a hearing to review and
recommend passage of the appropriation of $24,309,000 in FY20 Community Preservation
Fund revenues. The City of Boston’s Community Preservation Committee recommended these
funds be used to support 40 projects across the city. This year, $15,750,000 will be used to
support 9 affordable housing projects; $3,440,000 for historic preservation projects; and
$5,119,000 for projects focused on the creation and preservation of recreational use and open
space projects.

Following a very productive virtual hearing on Tuesday May 5th with testimony from project
advocates, neighborhood leaders, and representatives from the City of Boston, Councilor
Flaherty has recommended passage of all 40 projects at the amounts designated. “I was
pleased with the quality of the applications we received this year. Each and every project we
reviewed was fully deserving of funding,” said Councilor Flaherty. “Community Preservation Funds are all about making sure residents have a voice in the betterment of their communities
and I am confident that each of these projects will go a long way towards improving the quality
of life in our City.”

The Community Preservation Fund was created upon the adoption of the Community
Preservation Act, Massachusetts General Laws Chapter 44B in November 2016. In just three
rounds of funding to date, over $67 million has been awarded to 131 projects spanning across
every neighborhood of Boston. Councilor Flaherty is proud of the success of this program thus
far, having taken a leadership role in the campaign alongside the Yes for A Better Boston
Coalition for its passage by popular vote in the City of Boston in 2016 and as the Chairman of
the City Council’s Community Preservation Committee since its inception. Many projects from
earlier rounds of funding are at or nearing completion and have had a transformative effect on
their neighborhoods already.

Among these 40 projects are 6 exciting projects in Boston City Council District 2, totaling
$2,165,000 in funding. This funding includes money for each category, including two affordable
housing projects in Chinatown and downtown, funding 133 units of affordable housing in the district; two open space projects in Chinatown and South Boston; and two historic preservation
projects, one in downtown and one in South Boston.

Greater Boston Legal Services (GBLS) in the West End will be receiving funds for historic
preservation. GBLS provides essential legal services to our city’s most vulnerable and will be
able to continue serving that mission in their current space through the use of these funds.
Finally, the USS Kearsarge Anchor in Marine Park will also be restored to its former glory to
honor our naval veterans with Historic Preservation funds.

“The projects in District 2 for this round of funding strike a strong balance between the three
pillars of the Community Preservation Act,” said Councilor Flaherty. “A city facing a housing
crisis will always welcome the chance for additional affordable housing units. Every
neighborhood in District 2 has been undergoing rapid development, and as a result, has been
grappling with rising density and changing streetscapes in recent years, so funding for first-rate
parks and historic preservation of neighborhood assets are absolutely crucial to maintaining the
quality of life and character of the neighborhood as it grows.”

“I’m glad to see that the projects for this round of Community Preservation Act funding is
reflective of the needs of District 2,” said Councilor Flynn. “From affordable housing to creating
open space and preserving our historic sites, the projects that are receiving funding will benefit
our District 2 community and beyond. I want to thank Councilor Flaherty for his leadership on
this, and I look forward to the passage of these projects.”

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