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Hey, Southie!  Let’s do what Southie does best – help one of our own in need!

Al is a 94 year old WWII veteran who lived on Douglas Street until Saturday morning!  He’s been displaced after a 7-alarm fire that destroyed 5 buildings in the Columbia Road/Douglas Street neighborhood. Sadly, Al has lost everything.

Haley Dillon, South Boston resident and liaison for the mayor’s office of neighborhood services for South Boston, is organizing help for Al.  If you have clothing, furniture, meals, you’d like to donate, you can email Haley – at [email protected]

Haley also started a Go Fund Me page too. 

Update from Haley:


The amount of emails I have received from people trying to help out is truly amazing. If you would like to donate furniture or clothes we will be at the M St Entrance of the Curley Community Center (1663 Columbia Rd) tomorrow from 8:30-12:30 PM. I will also be sharing these donations with all of the other’s who were displaced since we have received an overwhelming amount of emails from people wanting to donate. We will make sure Al gets what he needs from his donations and after that we will open it up to the others who were displaced. All men and women clothing sizes are welcomed since these donations will go to many people. Your donations will be greatly appreciated and put to great use.

The Curley Community Center will hold all of the donations until Al and the others are settled into a place of their own.

Food Donations:

I learned today that Al does not cook, he only uses a microwave. In the next few weeks I would like to put a food train together for him, so he can have someone drop a meal off to him each night. If you are local and would like to drop a meal off to Al in the next few weeks, please put your name on the google sheet. Full disclosure Al eats dinner at around 4:00 PM and likes to stick to the same meals:

-Chicken Pot Pie
-American Chop Suey
-Hot Dogs and Beans
-Chicken Dinner
-Apple Pie
-Blueberry Pie
Thank you again for all of your support, we are to grateful for you!

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