CBS Local is reporting that KONE is the escalator company that inspects MBTA escalators. MBTA spokesperson Joe Pesaturo says, “Kone regularly inspects and maintains the T’s 177 escalators system-wide.” According to a sticker on the escalator that malfunctioned on Sunday evening, it was last inspected in July of 2021.

Although, Pesaturo stated it’s been checked “for basic operation” every month since. The most recent basic operation check was most recently three weeks ago on September 7th added Pesaturo. Hmmm….

The Boston Globe’s Emily Sweeney has a first person account of the terrifying ordeal – including the woman who pressed the emergency stop button – here! 

Original Post:

Boston EMS, BFD, BPD and Transit Police responded to Back Bay station shortly after 6 p.m. on Sunday after an escalator malfunctioned.  Nine people were hurt and taken to local hospitals.

The MBTA are actively investigating the incident and said via statement the incident involved the escalator from the Amtrak/Commuter Rail platforms to the street-level lobby of the station.

According to NBC10 Boston, it is unclear why the escalator malfunctioned. The escalator will remain out of service while the incident is being investigated.

Be safe out there! Maybe take the stairs?


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