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from the preliminary election

Team Conley = Tweet Conley. Dan Conley and company were on twitter all day long.  Whether it was a picture of Dan shaking hands, his policy on safer streets or what he had for lunch, there was a tweet about it.  If we had to guess, there were a minimum of 10,000 tweets about Team Conley.

Coco Lounge = hangover the next day.  If you wanted to go to one “victory” party it would be Felix Arroyo’s.  Arroyo’s camp chose Coco’s Lounge in JP to watch the election results.  This spot sounds like a place you might go when on vacation – exotic cocktails, women in bikinis, latin music playing, maybe a little salsa dancing.  If you’re not having fun at Coco’s Lounge, then you don’t know a good time.

Marty-mobile.  We’re sure you’ve heard it.  The sound of a heavy Boston accent booming through a rigged up speaker system on the back of a souped up pick-up, “Vote for Marty Walsh!”.  Team Walsh “got out the vote” in a sort of retro-throw-back kind of way that we secretly loved.  Internet?  Social media?  Who the heck needs modern marvels when Sully has a perfectly good pick up and Macka is a master carpenter and can build a shelf-system just the right size for Obie’s old stereo-system from 1986. 

Nobody in Boston obeys the MA General Law 54, section 65 forbidding poll workers from being within 150 to a polling entrance.  Screw that!   They are up in your face, aggressively handing out campaign literature, and shouting candidate’s names over and over.  They all but follow you in and fill out your little circle on your ballot.  Gheesh!  Despite people ratting them out, they did it any way!

The City of Boston needs a new website.  Just as things were gaining momentum in the election coverage, the city’s website crashed – most likely thanks to thousands of people hitting refresh, refresh, refresh over and over again.  Did the city not realize that people would be doing that?  We are a top notch city, and we should have a state of the art website (sort of like Caught in Southie) to reflect just how high-tech we are – honestly, we have a section of the city called The Innovation District – can’t we get one of those people to come build us a site.  Anyway, if we were Marty Walsh or John Connolly, we might build “new website” into our platform. There is no reason to have a website from 1998. 

Best of luck to Marty Walsh and John Connolly as they battle it out for mayor of Boston.  The final election will be held on Tuesday, November 5th.  Looking forward to lots of robo-calls, literature, and campaign workers coming to our door.