495 Dorchester Avenue project will build more than 300 housing units in South Boston, including income-restricted units for seniors

Live: 331 units including 94 affordable senior units
Work: 8,425 square feet of retail space, approximately 393 construction jobs and 17 permanent jobs
Connect: 288 indoor bike parking spaces
Sustain: LEED Platinum residences

This project includes two buildings: a 16-story building with 237 housing units, and a seven-story building with 94 income-restricted units for seniors. Along with commercial retail space, there will be open space and amenities for residents including senior-specific services. The retail space will be subsidized and made available to community start-ups, artists in need of workspaces, or other community groups and programming. This project is within the Planned Development Area for the On the Dot Project in Dorchester. It is key in realizing the vision of PLAN: South Boston Dorchester Avenue and the PLAN: South Boston Dorchester Avenue Transportation Planning Study, as it will help transition the neighborhood from an industrial area to a mixed-used space, as envisioned in the plans. Public safety in the area will be significantly improved by new, wider sidewalks, new crosswalks, and protected bike lanes along Dorchester Avenue and Alger Street. Street trees will be planted along the property to increase the tree canopy, and the project complies with flood district requirements in support of the City’s climate resilience goals. As a transit-oriented development, this project is near the MBTA Andrew Station which provides Red Line service and access to multiple bus lines. The project will provide a total of 288 bike parking spaces. 

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