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This hearing comes in the wake of so many “life science” buildings are being proposed in the neighborhood including the On the Dot development on Dorchester Ave.

The virtual hearing will take place on Tuesday, July 27th at 10am.  You can watch it live here. 

The hearing players: Councilor Ed Flynn, Councilor Michael Flaherty, Councilor Michelle Wu, city officials, and life sciences industry leaders.  You can learn more here. 

About this hearing

This hearing aims to discuss how the city’s zoning code can ensure that our communities and neighbors have a role in the public process as it relates to laboratory developments and discussion surrounding public safety and quality of life issues. In recent years, Boston has become a hub for the life science and biotechnology industries. Currently, there are many proposals from various companies that hope to construct life science laboratories in the City of Boston. The recent development boom has brought changes to the landscape of our neighborhoods, and areas currently zoned for industrial and manufacturing uses may now be directly next to residential areas. Life sciences will continue to play a critical role in the city and state’s economy, but the public process is especially critical with proposals in proximity to residential areas. It is therefore vitally important to have a thorough community process and for our residents to have the opportunity to participate in a dialogue as it relates to questions about public safety, or to offer feedback on quality of life issues, when a laboratory or similar development is being proposed in their area. The hearing will be chaired by Councilor Michelle Wu in the Committee of Planning, Transportation, and Development.

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