The Boston Planning and Development Agency will host a virtual community meeting on Monday, November 14 6:00 PM – 8:00 PM to discuss the South Boston Transportation Action Plan. Zoom Link:

Toll-Free: (833) 568 – 8864 Meeting ID: 161 775 6725

Take the survey! 

To find a physical survey to fill out:

Monsignor Powers Apts
Foley Apts
West 9th Apts.
Southie Library
Tierney Center
Condon CC
Olga’s Cafe

Additional physical surveys can be delivered to other locations upon request.

South Boston Transportation Action Plan Project Description:

Please join city transportation staff as we begin the community process of the South Boston Transportation Action Plan. At this introductory meeting we will be reviewing the existing conditions of the transportation network in South Boston. The existing conditions report includes travel patterns within the neighborhood, parking statistics, identified areas of pedestrian conflict, bike network gaps, as well as information on congestion & crash data for all modes. The information at this meeting is crucial to you as a Boston resident and stakeholder.

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